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our team

ISS Art was founded in 2003.
We have an excellent stream-built approach to custom software development.
Our developers are one of the best in math algorithms.

Our Java developers with 10, 15 and more years of experience are skilled in creating
middle-size and large enterprise cloud systems which process thousands (150,000+)
of transactions per second in the following areas:
Manufacturing, Construction, Education, Media, etc.
Our Java developers have provided solutions to
Highload performance challenges
Every business user recognizes, high-end performance optimization guarantees results and repeat customers. We have ensured 50000-150000 daily number of queries in the system for one of our Clients and he has got over 35000 users as a result.
Is your system ready for the expected load?
search system challenges
We have provided complex search functions capable of 270+ searches/second for one of our Clients in manufacturing. Thus, he has achieved 20% reduction of expenses in managing data.
Scalability issues
Not only have we helped one of our Clients increase his traffic by 200%, we also helped him maintain a high level of stability throughout.
Are your customers, users or employers happy with the performance of your application?
We’d love to make your system one of the most efficient
Key areas of expertise
  • Amazon AWS automation
  • Manufacturing automation
  • Report generation systems
  • Atlassian SDK
  • Security
  • Industry 4.0
  • Microsoft HoloLens
Key skills
  • Scalability
  • Highload
  • Cloud
  • Full text search (Solr, Elastic search)
  • Maps and 3D modelling
  • Big data
  • Hardware integration
Key technologies
Java EE
JBoss Seam
Java SE
Java Web Start
We offer one of the most efficient, budget-oriented and forward-looking solutions in the industry. Upon request
we will help you to prepare a high-quality bespoke presentation to your investors, partners, owners, and customers.
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our clients

Referrals make up over 85% of our business

We value their trust and we work hard 
to maintain this level of referrals

Our client Bill Quintrell,
CEO of Advanced Process Designs,
talks about our collaboration.

We started working with Bill and his team in 2007. We started our collaboration with 1 developer engaged on our side and in several years we had 30 developers in the team. We continue working on the project and visit each other to have workshops together.

our works
We are proud of our works and we are happy that our clients are proud of them too

SaaS solution for managing construction and agriculture sites — TCC

The system is a SaaS solution of a global leading provider of advanced location-based solutions (positioning systems).


  • Client had lack of Java developers.
  • With project growth local staffing became a big problem for our client.
  • Client needed to considerably enlarge the system and its database.


  • ISS Art staffed a team of 30 people for the project.
  • We organized the processes on the project: development, testing and DevOPS.
  • Our team implemented
    • Amazon Web Services administration (EC2; S3; RDS; ELB; CloudFront; ElasticCache; Route53; CloudWatch)
    • Image rendering
    • Multithreading
    • Data sharing
    • Geo files processing
    • Custom virtual filespace system
    • Custom files synchronization


  • From a business perspective Client saved up to 45% of budget by locating the development team with our company.
  • The solution withstands the high load:
    • 35000 overall number of users
    • 50000-150000 daily number of queries
    • 100 queries performed simultaneously
  • Support of complex search results exceeding 270 searches/second in production.
  • CloudFront implementations sustaining 100,000 hits/second.


JavaScript, Java, Groovy, C++, C#, Flex, PHP, restlet framework, spring, hibernate, Mysql percona, ExtJS, AJAX, sqlite, boost, MFC, WinAPI, Advanced HTTP via curl, globalmapper, newton, Flex 3.5, Flexmonkey, phpbb.

Areas of expertise:

High load systems, Scalability, Big data, Failover, Data sharing, Data sharding, Throttling API, Remote profiling, Multithreading, AWS administration, Continuous integration bamboo, JIRA, review-board, git, Flexible configuration, Flexible logging system, Localization, Support for multiple languages, Browser graphics, Image rendering, Custom UI widgets, Email notifications, Excel, Word, PDF report generating, Delayed job execution, Fulltext search using Solr engine, Dynamically extensible UI and backend, Secure execution of external Groovy scripts, Authorization system, Custom virtual filespace system, Custom files synchronization.
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Cassantec is an industry-leading provider of a SaaS-solution that uses unique mathematical algorithms to forecast equipment malfunctions. This allows businesses to make timely decisions to repair or replace equipment depending on forecast results and save millions of dollars for those using it (nuclear power, fossil power, railways, etc.). Cassantec is the only solution which allows to make 12-quarter forecasts.


  • Client had difficulties in increasing the team locally.
  • Cassantec wanted to automate the application by developing the backend for the system and optimizing the frontend.


  • ISS Art added a team on both Java backend and JavaScript frontend parts and became an integral part of the existing Cassantec team.
  • We developed the backend and optimized the frontend.
  • We offered and implemented several architectural solutions such as
    • Memory leaks
    • Large grid rendering
    • Data binding handlers accumulation


  • Our participation enabled Cassantec to overcome staffing challenges.
  • We helped our client to have more customers by automating the application.
  • The forecasts are prepared using more than 100K parameters with more then 500M data points.


Java (Jetty, Guice, Servlet, Jersey), JavaScript (jQuery, jWidget), Scala (Scalikejdbc), PostgreSQL.

Areas of expertise:

Browser graphics, Mathematical statistics and probability theory, Cloud computing, Flexible configuration, Forecasting, JSON data format, PDF report generating.
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JNetDirect is an innovative leader in software products for improving our customer's connectivity, integration, management and security to their data resources. Over 4000 companies worldwide rely on JNetDirect software to provide critical components for their applications and development environments.


  • Adaptation of cloud based database usage.
  • Transfer development from the US to Russia without losing users.
  • Users technical support.


  • ISS Art was quickly up to speed on low level code and development environment after transfer.
  • We organized the adaptation to cloud environment and technical support worldwide.


  • The Client saved up to 40% of budget by locating the development team with us.
  • There is a technical support for 4000 companies worldwide.


Java (Hibernate, Spring), C#, .NET2.0 — 3.5, ADO.NET

Areas of expertise:

MS SQL Server administration, MS SQL Server Transact-SQL language, Multithreading, Cryptography / obfuscation / XHEO license manager, etc.
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Facts about our team
2 branches.
We only employ our
developers. We do not
use freelancers.
5 the average years
that our Java
project lasts.
40 Java developers in the
team sharing experience
every week.
100+ high-end software solutions for major organizations in manufacturing, construction, etc. delivered by
our Java experts.
We will be happy to help you with your project. If you have any questions you are welcome to contact us and get a free audit
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Our certificates
ISS Art is included in Top Java Developers & Development Firms Matrix by inbiased B2B Research and Review firm Clutch
ISS Art is certified in compliance to the ISO 9001:2008
ISS Art company has been awarded in Top Company for Customers References of The 2016 Global Outsourcing 100® by IAOP