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For ISS Art company its most precious asset are its employees. Our common result of working as a company depends on personal results of each employee and so do opportunities of working conditions improvement for each employee.
To achieve good overall results we are interested in inviting ambitious qualified professionals, able to achieve desired goals, responsible for both their activity and team’s activity results. For such applicants there are always tasks to perform even if we do not announce such vacancies.
We offer interesting work, promotion opportunities, well-deserved remuneration of labour, all labour documents are signed according to the current laws, continuous education and skills upgrading.  

You can browse our vacancies on the page Vacancies. And you can read about our internships on the page Internship


Working conditions in the company:


Observation of labour
legislation norms


Work in a team of like-minded
professionals and colleagues


A wide range
of technologies


Free lessons
of English


Training and opportunities
for professional growth

corporate culture

Work schedule for you to feel comfortable

Absence of strict