Java software development

ISS Art Java development company was founded in 2003.
We have an excellent stream-built approach to custom software engineering.

A team we appoint for a project is structured by Java development role. That is, there are Team lead, Architect,
Project Manager, Analyst, Developers, QA specialists.

The work processes in our company have proven their effectiveness over many years of operating in the world market.
Besides, there is Quality management system established at ISS Art, and our processes meet the requirements of it.

What do we do to maintain the high quality of our work?

We keep up with the latest Java development trends and use a variety of contemporary instruments.

  • First, we keep track of all the changes made to the code via version control systems. We use SVN and Git for the most part when working on Java development software.
  • Second, we utilize code analysis systems – both static and dynamic. The first type of analyzer deals with code examination when an app is not launched while the latter is applied during an app runtime. These tools help a lot with Java backend development.
  • Third, we apply project management tools to keep all the work progress at one storage and manage tasks effectively. JIRA and Redmine are our favorites.
  • Fourth, we use our own time tracking software – CrISStal Eye – which is integrated with project management tools and our internal accounting system. This gives us an opportunity to see the actual time spent on tasks completion, as well as to report to our Customers

In addition to this, we do everything to keep all the activities held on a project clear and transparent for our Customers. That is, you get access to project management and time tracking tools and, therefore, can monitor progress at every stage of a project. Mutual trust is one of our key values.

ISS Art guys know for sure how Java development life cycle should look like. They are also well familiar with different methodologies – both formal and agile. Which one to choose always depends on a project scope and its specifics.

To sum up: we can apply various instruments and methodologies during Java development process – which one is the best choice in this or that case is determined individually. Nevertheless, all the actions we undertake serve the only one goal – to help our Client achieve a desired result.

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What else do we do for this purpose?

In addition to the practices described above, we utilize the following useful techniques: impact mapping and story mapping.

Impact mapping

Impact mapping represents an approach that allows building a logical chain of business goals. The main artifact of this technique is a mind map for project objectives. The four major aspects it reflects are listed below.

  • Why? The business goal itself is described at this step.
  • Who? All the stakeholders who can influence business objectives are identified here.
  • How? Here we define how they will help a business to achieve its goals.
  • What? What should be actually done. In other words, all the necessary features are described here.

Story mapping

Story mapping is a technique for visual and physical representation of sequence of actions that should be implemented by the solution. This approach helps a lot in understanding the product functionality and in prioritizing tasks while building the project.

Why using these techniques? As our Java development experience shows, they help to ensure that all the team is in the same context, so that everyone understands what products we build, and how we actually do this.

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Qualified team

Our developers are one of the best in math algorithms and computer science. We have Masters, Bachelors, and even PhDs among them.

Our Java programmers for hire with 10,15 and more years of experience have advanced skills in creating middle-size and large enterprise cloud systems which process thousands (150,000+) of transactions per second in the following areas: Manufacturing, Construction, Education, Media, etc.

We have specialists with in-depth knowledge and experience in specific programming tools, including Java development technologies.

Moreover, here at ISS Art we practice knowledge sharing: that is, senior specialists willingly transfer their knowledge to their junior colleagues.

The important point about staffing in our company: we always form a team in such a way that the total set of skills helps to close all the tasks that Customer has. Even if it happens that knowledge required for this or that task is possessed by a specialist outside the project team, we will attract this person for a consultation.

Java development experience

ISS Art has rich Java development experience. First and foremost, we know Java core very well. Knowing this core, we can build complex multithreaded applications. In particular, we have already developed a streaming service. We know how to write JDBC drivers as well.

Beside Java core, we know what is around this core. We are experienced in integration with various applications and web services. We also know how to utilize Java development frameworks for different purposes:

  • Creating graphs and diagrams;
  • Generating PDF files;
  • Working with digital signatures.

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Having 15 years experience in hiring developers we wrote this white paper to help you outsource your software development project. Download the guide. It’s free!
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Our firm has provided professional Java development solutions to
Highload performance challenges
Every business user recognizes, high-end performance optimization guarantees results and repeat customers. We have ensured 50000-150000 daily number of queries in the system for one of our Clients and he has got over 35000 users as a result.
Is your system ready for the expected load?
search system challenges
Our experts have provided complex search functions capable of 270+ searches/second for one of our Clients in manufacturing. Thus, he has achieved 20% reduction of expenses in managing data.
Scalability issues
Not only have we helped one of our Clients increase his traffic by 200%, we also helped him maintain a high level of stability throughout.
Are your customers, users or employers happy with the performance of your application?
We’d love to utilize Java development capabilities and make your
system one of the most efficient. Hire Java developers from ISS Art!
Key areas of expertise
  • Amazon AWS automation
  • Manufacturing automation
  • Report generation systems
  • Atlassian SDK
  • Security
  • Industry 4.0
  • Microsoft HoloLens
Key skills
  • Scalability
  • Highload
  • Cloud
  • Full text search (Solr, Elasticsearch)
  • Maps and 3D modelling
  • Big data
  • Hardware integration
Key technologies
Java EE
JBoss Seam
Java SE
Java Web Start

With this Java development stack of technologies, we offer one of the most efficient, budget-oriented and forward-looking solutions in the industry. Upon request we will help you to prepare a high-quality bespoke presentation to your investors, partners, owners, and customers. Hire Java programmers from ISS Art and get the most of software development outsourcing.
our clients

Referrals make up over 85% of our business

We value their trust and we work hard 
to maintain this level of referrals

our works
We are proud of our outstanding Java development projects, and we are happy that our clients are proud of them too

SaaS solution for managing construction and agriculture sites

The web application has been developed for a global leading provider of advanced location-based solutions - Trimble Navigations. The system has 21 755 588 weekly queries with support of complex search results exceeding 270 searches/second in production. The system is used for managing manufacturing process in providing a wide range of solutions in construction, agriculture and other industries.


  • The client needed to considerably enlarge the system and its database. Large volumes of data had to be migrated from the server to Cloud. The client faced the problem of low productivity. The downtime was longer than 30 seconds.
  • The server deployment should be simplified and all dependencies on a great number of technologies should be excluded.
  • With the project growth the number of users asking for additional modules increased. These modules needed to be implemented at the user end.


  • ISS Art staffed a dedicated team of 30 experts for the project.
  • Our developers used Quercus and integrated it with the server.
  • We created a new feature Application service that makes it possible to add third parties’ modules. UI modules can be integrated with the web-portal, a business logic is written in Groovy and it is available as REST API.


  • Our developers successfully migrated the database (without any data loss). The downtime decreased to 5-10 seconds in comparison with 30 seconds at the start of the project.
  • We simplified the process of server deployment to a new environment (deployment starts with starting only 1 script).
  • We made it possible for the users to extend functionality without changing the code of the server and in runtime.


Java, JavaScript, C++, C #, Groovy, Spring, Hibernate, Mysql.

Areas of expertise:

High load systems, Scalability, Big data, Failover, Multithreading, AWS administration (EC2; S3; RDS; ELB; CloudFront; ElasticCache; Route53; CloudWatch), Continuous integration bamboo, Localization, Fulltext search using Solr engine, Dynamically extensible UI and backend, Secure execution of external Groovy scripts.
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Java Prognostic Solution

Java Prognostic Solution is an industry-leading provider of a SaaS-solution that uses unique mathematical algorithms to forecast equipment malfunctions. The developers of ISS Art were directly involved in creating these unique mathematical algorithms. Java prognostic solution is the only solution which provides reasonably accurate forecasts for 3 years ahead. It defines the level of malfunctions: standard, high, critical.


  • Cassantec’s customers had difficulties working with large volumes of data. The reports couldn’t be viewed in a browser.
  • Cassentec wanted to make the report generation in the backend faster.
  • The problems on the server caused instability of the backend.


  • The frontend needed to be optimized. Then the reports could have been viewed in the browser on Cassantec site.
  • For speeding the report generation some calculations are made in the background (so called pre-computing results).
  • We optimized the code and tuned GarbageCollection.


  • We optimized the frontend and the reports can be viewed in browser. We shared our experience and wrote an article about frontend optimization in the blog.
  • We added a new feature - Machine Learning. And the reports are now generated faster.
  • The system works stably and Cassantec’s customers save dozens of millions dollars.


Java (Jetty, Jackson, Guice, Servlet, Jersey), JavaScript (jQuery, jWidget), Scala (Scalikejdbc), JSON, PostgreSQL, CSV, PHP

Areas of expertise:

Browser graphic, Mathematical statistics and probability theory, Cloud computing, Flexible configuration, Forecasting, JSON data format, PDF-report generating, Distributed Computing, Service Integration.
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Database Related Tools

JNetDirect is an innovative leader in software products for improving the clients’ connectivity, integration, management and security to their data resources. Over 4000 companies worldwide rely on JNetDirect software to provide critical components for their applications and development environments. There are three products: JSQLConnect, JDataConnect and Combine.


  • JNetDirect had such problems with Combine Product as lack of a high speed response, instable work on a great number of databases and synchronization failures.
  • The customer sent consecutive requests and wanted to improve the speed of Combine.


  • Dissinchronization of components was removed. Our developers made the optimization of a high speed response of critical code segments and decreased excessive requests to databases.
  • To optimize the time of running the scripts the developers parallelized the requests to databases.


  • The high speed response was increased by 5-10 times. As a result a large customer purchased Combine Product.
  • We increased the speed of performance and helped JNetDirect to sell it to its customers.


JSQLConnect - Java, MS SQL Server, JDataConnect - Java, C++, Combine - C#, .NET 4.0, MS SQL Server

Areas of expertise:

JSQLConnect - MS SQL Server administration, MS SQL Server Transact-SQL language, Multithreading, JDBC, TDSProtocol; JDataConnect - Multithreading, ODBC; Combine - MS SQL Server administration, MS SQL Server Transact-SQL language, Multithreading, Cryptography, obfuscation, XHEO license manager, JDBC
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Facts about our team
2 branches.
We only employ our
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use freelancers.
5 the average years
that our Java development
project lasts.
40 Java developers for hire
sharing experience
every week.
100+ high-end software solutions for major organizations in manufacturing, construction, etc. delivered by
our Java experts.
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