Java BigData Development

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Big Data Java

With Java Big Data development business performance can be improved significantly

Big data stands for huge amounts of data, both structured and unstructured. These data sets may come from various sources – meteorological devices, medical equipment, audio and video recording devices, etc.

Data may also arrive in different formats. Therefore, it becomes a great challenge to store it, to process it, and – the most important – to gain useful insights from mining this data. Big Data provides great opportunities in a variety of spheres. To name a few examples:

  • Big Data in manufacturing can be used in predictive solutions aimed to reduce production costs;
  • With the increased use of electronic devices collecting data about patients’ health, Big Data is actively applied in medicine;
  • Big Data in marketing provides companies great opportunities to understand the audience better and tailor their commercial offers to each customer individually;
  • Scientists process large data sets gained from real-time sensors to conduct their research.

When working with huge data sets, many programmers use Java technology and develop Big Data Java solutions. Why? Java is cross-platform, reliable, and it provides rich monitoring capabilities. Compiled languages, such as C++, lack these characteristics. In addition, there is support for many libraries and frameworks that are useful in building Java Big Data services. In particular, software developers often apply Hadoop – an open-source Java framework. Apache Spark written in Java, Scala, Python and R is another open-source tool which is often used while building Big Data solutions.

In Big Data projects it is important to choose an appropriate database. In most cases these are NoSQL databases. They are scalable, highly available, performance, and not expensive. Cassandra DB meets these characteristics to the fullest. You can read more about Cassandra usage in Big Data systems here.

Here at ISS Art we know how to deliver Big Data Java solutions. For one of our Clients we developed an application to store 3D models. The project objective was to reduce possible construction expenses. This application provides users with an opportunity to model data about an object together with positional data for 3D visualization of a construction area or an object. Data sets received from various sources are transformed into an appropriate format, so that a user can make a competent decision based on the insights provided. This project implementation helped reduce labor costs and improve business performance.

Another project where we rendered our Java Big Data services is a prognostic solution for manufacturing field. The project is aimed at industrial equipment malfunctions prevention. As a result of large data sets being processed, the application can forecast equipment malfunctions. The delivered product helps optimize Client's production processes significantly. In addition, profit is generated from selling this product as a SaaS solution.

As we can see, Big Data becomes increasingly applicable in many spheres. It provides great opportunities to get powerful insights about the processes. We are happy to offer our Java Big Data services that will certainly help you achieve your ambitions goals and significantly optimize your business performance.