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Java EE development for your robust and powerful solution

Java platform, Enterprise Edition (Java EE) was previously known as Java 2 platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE). It is commonly used for enterprise software design and development. The word "enterprise", however, doesn't limit its usage to projects of enterprise level only – smaller apps can be successfully built with Java EE too.

The significant benefit this package provides is the built-in containers that simplify the development process and thus provide an opportunity to bring the developed solutions to market faster. Another advantage is the possibility to easily connect the apps you have with one another. This way Java EE developers can link newly built solution to a corporate ERP System or a CRM tool, for example. In other words, system integration features are available when working with this platform. In addition to this, Java EE has great capabilities for internet services development. So, the advantages are quite obvious.

ISS Art has experience with different Java instruments. In particular, we have experts at Java EE development within our team, so we can call ourselves a J2EE development company as well.

As we can see, Java EE application development is closely connected with web area which is present literally everywhere today. Java EE provides a great set of useful tools allowing to create outstanding and powerful web projects. These tools include the set of specifications and the containers that were already mentioned above.

As to containers, not only those from Java EE stack can be applied for web development. There are web containers outside this platform which can be successfully utilized as well. ISS Art Java gurus use the most popular containers – Tomcat, Jetty, Glassfish are among them. All of them are written in Java, and the last one implements Java EE specifications.

Web services are an integral part of web area, and Java EE features are applicable in building them too. Here at ISS Art we know how to work with web services. That is, our team is competent in the following:

  • Building and deploying web based services using Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) and Representational State Transfer (REST);
  • Setting up the number of streams to be processed;
  • Defining who will possess the access rights;
  • Integration with other systems – both internal Client's systems and external ones;
  • Setting up server configuration;
  • Aggregating several servers via Single Sign-On (SSO) – a technology allowing to log in to several interconnected systems using the same access data.

Java EE application development involves not only programming and further deployment of the resulting software, but also the monitoring process. What needs to be monitored? As a rule, we control the following app characteristics:

  • Its condition;
  • Memory status;
  • Responses to server requests;
  • The number of errors.

What kind of environment is usually used when coding apps with Java EE? We used to utilize Java EE development with Wildfly before (known earlier as JBoss Application Server). We practiced Java EE development with NetBeans platform as well. Now we prefer working with IntelliJ Idea, which is more contemporary. This Java development environment provides rich opportunities for building high quality projects. Among the instruments and possibilities it provides are tools for code quality analysis, support for many popular frameworks and platforms, integration with app servers, tools for running tests, and many others.

Today it is getting more and more common to deploy applications on cloud servers rather than on dedicated servers. Why? First, no need to manage the servers yourself. Second, a request for additional resources can be satisfied "on a fly". Thus, many programmers as well as business owners find this option much more convenient and cost-effective.

Of course, we are keeping pace with this trend too. We know how to utilize cloud capabilities (Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services, for instance) and make the delivered projects run there.

Where did we actually utilize our skills in Java EE programming? We used this platform while building outstanding programming products for manufacturing, financial, entertainment, eCommerce fields. One of the brightest examples of Java EE development solutions delivered by our company is a Saas project for managing construction sites. It is a powerful system withstanding the high load (35000 users, 50000-150000 queries daily, 100 of them can be performed simultaneously) and supporting complex search results exceeding 270 searches/second in production.

What about the practical results?The experience of our Java EE programmers helped our clients get the following benefits:

  • saving up to 45% of budget after hiring our team;
  • support for complex search functions helped to reduce the expenses in managing data by up to 20%;
  • support for high load made it possible to increase the number of users (and, hence, the customer base) significantly;
  • connecting the developed application with another popular systems also played a great role in user database (and customer base) enrichment.

Of course, these results wouldn't be attainable without having highly qualified people within our team.

Below is our developers' background:
  • advanced knowledge in computer science, mathematical analysis and in implementation of complex logic;
  • 12+ years of Java programming;
  • solid experience in custom Java EE development;
  • proficiency in Big data, high load, IoT;
  • extensive experience in report generation, security, industrial automation, geo positioning, scalability, streaming, full-text search, hardware and system integration, real-time systems, maps, 3D-modeling, Augmented Reality (for example, using Hololens), etc.

We love solving complex tasks. We have already accomplished a lot of them, and we are happy to handle new ones. With all their knowledge and experience, our Java EE developers will become an integral part of your team and will collaborate with you closely on your project until the desired results are achieved.

If you have a scalable and high load project in mind – say, a powerful enterprise system – Java Enterprise Edition package may be a good choice to build it. Feel free to get in touch with us to discuss your challenging software tasks, and how our J2EE programming services can help you with solving these tasks. Together we will find a solution that will meet your objectives and/or optimize your business processes.