Java Database Development

java database programming

Java database development is one more service from our experts

The important part of software development process is work with database. Database is an organized storage of information that allows viewing, managing and updating data at any time. ISS Art as Java database programming company has experience in database programming on both high and low levels.

We utilize a standard tool of access to database - Java Database Connectivity (JDBC). Thanks to this API our Java-based applications can be linked to the data from various databases.

In addition, our programmers developed JDBC drivers for one of our clients. These drivers are aimed at simplifying the database operations. They are distributed as independent software products and bring stable profit to their owner.

One of these products - JSQL Connect - serves as the means of interaction between Java apps and Microsoft databases.

Another one - JDataConnect - provides the possibility to receive data from different Open Database Connectivity sources (ODBC-sources) with the help of Java-based solutions. With this driver you don't need to choose a particular type of ODBC-source.

Back to Java database programming. Every Java developer knows: there are relational and non-relational databases. Both of these types have their advantages. Let's name a few of them.

Relational databases bring developers the following benefits:

  • Support for ACID transactional consistency;
  • Built-in data integrity;
  • Embedded eco-system;
  • Limitless indexing.

Non-relational databases have the following advantages:

  • Unlike relational databases, theyare scalable;
  • They don't require structured data;
  • Lots of them are open source tools.

We usually work with the following databases:

  • Relational - MySQL, MSSQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, etc.;
  • Non-relational - Cassandra, Mongo DB, etc.

Most Java EE applications require using relational database. So, as for Java EE database solutions, Oracle or MySQL would be a good fit. For Java SE applications H2, Derby or HSQLDB are worth using.

We work with databases on servers as well as in cloud services (such as Amazon). Many developers find the second option cost-efficient: the provider takes care of the hardware maintenance and security issues; no need to setup the database in your own.

Working with databases is closely connected to application performance optimization process. Once we successfully optimized the database in just a few days. This, in turn, helped the project team to optimize the application performance in a short period of time.

ISS Art team is here to help you not only with Java software development, but also with Java database programming. ISS Art, an experienced Java database programming company, will choose the database that is the most suitable for your project architecture. We will optimize it if needed. Feel free to contact and discuss your projects complexity level with us.