Java Hibernate Development

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Java Hibernate development as a tool to build outstanding applications

Hibernate is an object-relational mapping instrument for Java. It is licensed according to the GNU General Public License for free. Hibernate can be used in standalone applications as well as in Java EE programs running on a server. It supports integration with J2EE architecture. Hibernate advantages for programmers include the following:

  • Java Hibernate framework is database independent, so a Hibernate developer can work with any database while using it;
  • Hibernate caching mechanism provides the possibility to prevent the repeated hits to the database;
  • Another benefit this technology gives is lazy loading: only the required objects will be loaded, and the unnecessary ones won't.

Although Hibernate development has certain advantages, there are still potential drawbacks when it comes to scalability and performance optimization:

  • Huge amounts of data can result in memory issues;
  • Hibernate adds a layer over Java Database Connectivity (JDBC), and this results in performance cost;
  • In addition, much table information is read at the start up, and this adds the start up time to Java Hibernate solutions.

ISS Art software developers are experienced with Java Hibernate. Our guys know when this framework is the best fit (and when it is not), and how to use its capabilities to the fullest.

One of the projects where we rendered Hibernate Java services (together with Spring Java services) is the system of advertisement displaying on mobile devices screens. Our team developed both the web part and the server part. The web part is used for advertising campaigns management while the server part is used for these campaigns distribution and text messages mailout to mobile devices.

As the result of our work:

  • The program was developed and launched successfully;
  • Our client gets payment from customers (advertisers) who place their ads into the system.

We've helped many clients with their desired software solutions (including Java Hibernate solutions) implementation so far. The total number of projects developed by our company is 500+. More than 75% of our customers are repeat customers. Besides, most of them recommend our services to others. So many people cannot be wrong!

We are ready for new challenges, especially Java development challenges. We employ 40+ qualified Java specialists (professional Hibernate developers are among them). What sets them apart?

  • 12+ years of experience;
  • Superb knowledge of computer science and willingness to update it constantly;
  • Hands-on experience with Java Hibernate and Spring frameworks;
  • Proficiency in scalability, high load, cloud, full-text search, hardware integration, maps and 3D modeling, Big Data.

If you are looking for a robust Java software solution creation, we are ready to assist you with it as a professional Hibernate development company. Get in touch to discuss how Hibernate development can help in building your project.