Java Spring Development

java spring framework

The power of Java Spring development for your software project

Spring is a universal open source framework for Java. This is one of the tools built on top of Java EE, and it allows using J2EE features together with it while working. Spring technology can be used for a large number of applications - from middle level to enterprise level. Enterprise apps are usually built using Plain Old Java Objects - POJOs - which are supported by Java Spring.

Another good thing about Spring is that it comes with JDK Timers, ORM framework and other useful tools, so there is no need to connect with them additionally. With these and other advantages, Spring allows developing literally any kind of software.

Today Spring is a widely spread tool among professional programmers, and ISS Art team is not an exception. As a Java Spring development company, we used it in dozens of projects. Let's look at some of them.

Our developers utilized Java Spring development while building a SaaS solution for managing construction and agriculture sites. One of the challenges was to considerably enlarge the system and its database. As the result of our Java Spring developers' work the delivered application withstands high load: the overall number of users is 35K, the daily number of queries is 50-150K.

Another solution where we rendered Java Spring services is a web system for gathering and visualizing data about traffic and sales. The business objective was to create a competitive product distributed as a subscription-based service. The project was supposed to have a lot of integrations (up to 20), and this required building a special architecture. By means of Java Spring and low-level JDBC protocol this task was resolved and a powerful application was delivered. The business goals were met as well - the product brings stable income from subscription sales.

One more sample of our Java Spring programming solutions is a plugin for Jira. The initial objective was to create a comfortable tool to easily work with code, repositories, do code review and monitor changes made. The biggest challenge was to implement fast search among huge amount of data. To monetize the project it was planned to place it into Atlassian marketplace. The desired functionality was built successfully. The project is live on the Marketplace and is trusted by 3500+ customers from 70+ countries.

To sum up, Java Spring is a great tool which helps building robust and scalable programming products. It is really powerful, and if you've come up with a decision to build an application from scratch and order Spring Java services, then:

  • first, ask about its power in Spring community;
  • second, check it with Google :) ;
  • finally, make a decision.

If you still have difficulties with making this decision, get in touch with us! Together we'll make it.