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Java SE development is great for a variety of challenging tasks

Java Standard Edition (or Java SE), previously known as Java 2 Standard Edition (or J2SE) is actually the core of Java. It contains Java Virtual Machine (JVM), Java compiler, and other tools. These tools are used almost in all Java applications development. Java Collections framework which is a part of Java Development Kit (JDK) allows Java SE programmers to use the large number of data structures from the "box". With the possibilities to create the software of various kinds – from desktop programs to multithreaded web applications – Java SE is utilized in the majority of Java projects. The current version of this platform is Java SE 8 (SE 7 and SE 6 preceded it).

Being Java gurus, and, in particular, a J2SE development company, we have solid experience in Java SE development. For instance, our J2SE programmers used it while building the simulation engine project. Based on the data received, this application can help a lot with business processes optimization by defining, for example, the need to increase/reduce staff or to purchase additional equipment.

Another complex project built with Java Standard Edition (together with other technologies) by our J2SE developers is the prognostic solution. Thanks to the forecast made based on the specific mathematical algorithms, this application allows industrial malfunctions prevention. This solution delivered with Java SE web development brings significant expenses reduction to our Client (equipment downtime expenses, preventive and emergency service expenses, equipment repairing expenses).

As the result of J2SE programming solutions produced by our Java SE developers the clients obtained the following benefits:

  • the stable income from selling the applications to customers;
  • customer base extension due to the possibility to customize the solution according to the buyer's field of business.

As a Java SE programming company, we know that this platform is useful not only during the development process, but also in further activities. With its built-in tools it can help a lot with your Java application performance optimization as well. For more information about our optimization services pleasesee this page.

Do you have an ambitious web project in mind? Java SE web development may be a good fit for its successful implementation. Having all the core Java functionality, Java SE 8 will help build a robust and up-to-date solution that will serve all of your business purposes. Feel free to contact us and discuss your project vision. Our Java SE development services are well-proven during many years of work in the world market.

Why working with us?
  • We've developed 500+ projects. The solutions built by our team help our clients reduce their expenses by 40% at least (sometimes even by 3-4 times);
  • We are happy to offer you the full range of services - from analytics to the ready solution;
  • The additional benefit you will get is the project management which is free of charge;
  • You won't depend just on one person (a developer) - the whole company is responsible for your project success.

If you have any questions you are welcome to submit your project request via our contact form.