Java Microservices Development

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Microservices in Java

Java microservices development is a good choice for building cost-effective and scalable projects

Microservices is one more popular term in a digital world today. What does it stand for? Under microservices most developers assume an architecture design style where an application consists of sets of smaller services. Each set is capable of communicating with other sets.

Any Java microservices development company would say that this style has certain advantages:

  • Applications developed with microservices architecture are very scalable;
  • They are cost-effective since they require less time to be built;
  • Microservices can be further used in another software projects;
  • Microservices architecture opens possibilities for task parallelization - different developers can work on different parts of a project simultaneously.

However, there are some disadvantages of microservices approach as well. Among them software developers name the following:

  • Sometimes there are too many small services, and it can be difficult to take proper care about all of them;
  • Communication between sets of services involves additional time for message processing, which can result in higher production costs than in case of a "traditional" application;
  • Difficulties can arise on testing phase.

Developing microservices with Java is a good idea. For example, although Java EE is known to provide powerful tools for building monolithic applications, this doesn’t prevent developers from using this platform for microservices creation. Therefore, many programmers all over the world already utilize Java EE for it successfully.

Spring framework is another good choice when working on microservices Java solutions. This is an advanced tool supporting a great number of integrations. In addition, configuration service is set up very easily with Spring.

ISS Art has a lot of software solutions in portfolio; Microservices in Java are among them. One of our works in this field is a social network for finding, storing and sharing music. This project includes a web application together with a desktop and a mobile client. With this application users can share music from various sources with their friends, retailers can sell digital content in local shops, and music streaming services can promote themselves and, hence, increase their audience thanks to the embedded social networking functionality. To bring the desired solution into life microservice backend architecture was designed. The project is going to bring stable profit to its owner – from paid accounts and music content creators advertising.

So, microservices popularity is growing day by day. Probably, this architecture design style can be a perfect fit for your desired software project. We know how to create Microservices with Java, and we are happy to assist you with is. Feel free to contact ISS Art team and discuss how microservices Java solutions can help with your business goals achievement.