Java Virtual Reality Solutions

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Virtual reality Java

Unbelievable experience is now possible with Java virtual reality (VR) solutions

Virtual reality (VR) stands for a computer-generated surrounding where a user’s presence is simulated, and thus this environment is often perceived as real. While using VR devised –glasses, headsets – a person can actually “walk” around this digital world and interact with the displayed objects. To make a user perceive this environment as real, VR projects stimulate human senses, so that a user can see a 3D 360-degree surrounding, hear the sounds and feel the vibrations.

Often virtual reality is confused with augmented reality, but they are actually different. As mentioned above, virtual reality means a totally artificial environment while Augmented reality assumes embedding digital objects into real environment.

Today’s variety of programming languages makes it possible to create outstanding VR projects. To name a few: Java, C#, JavaScript, C++, Python. Although we are experienced with all these technologies, Java is our primary focus in this field (so in this sense we consider ourselves a Java virtual reality development company). Java 3D API, for example, allows building 3D graphics applications and creating virtual environments.

Java VR solutions can be applied in a number of spheres – entertainment, medicine, architecture, education and training, space industry, etc. Let's look at how they can be applied:

  • The major application of VR in entertainment industry is game development – PlayStation Move and Kinect, for example, detect a player's motion and use it as an input to a game process;
  • There is an outstanding example of using Virtual Reality in medicine – thanks to VR programs patients having phantom limbs get an opportunity to move an absent limb, which helps them distract from pain significantly and thus not to be so dependent on medical drugs;
  • VR in architecture allows both architects and clients to see in detail how the future building will look from the inside (the materials, the furniture, the light, etc.) and have a virtual tour around it;
  • As for VR in education and training, there are simulation programs for various industries that replicate a real vehicle or machine – flight simulators, automobile driving simulators, tank driving simulators, etc.;
  • Virtual reality in space industry allow to put astronauts into the simulated conditions outside Earth, such as, for example, zero gravity.

So, Virtual reality Java programming solutions certainly change the usual order of things and allow people to visit a brand new world by simply putting glasses or a headset on. Here at ISS Art we believe that Virtual reality brings exciting opportunities to many spheres of our life and can really help us make the world better. In particular, medical VR apps obviously confirm this belief.

We'd love to take over new challenging tasks and work on complex Java VR solutions. We have all the resources for this – our programmers have exceptional skills in mathematics, analysis and computer science as well as solid experience with the technology stack suitable for such projects. So, if our VR Java services can assist you with your objectives, we are happy to help.