AR Office Application

ISS Art is working on development of a new mobile application that identifies human faces.

Saving Disk Space Effectively

The developers of ISS Art have created a new feature for saving disk space on one of the projects.

Developers of ISS Art Implementing Geocoding and Reverse Geocoding

On a project of online shopping development the specialists of ISS Art are implementing the method of geocoding and reverse geocoding by means of PostGIS and OpenStreetMap.

Sharing Experience in Partner’s Blog

ISS Art continues sharing its experience. In BlazeMeter blog yet another article of the specialist of ISS Art has been published.

Training Courses in ISS Art

Training courses for employees are regularly held in ISS Art. In July the course on Math Algorithms started. In August we are planning to hold the course on Multithreading.

Negotiation Training Classes Will Be Held in ISS Art

On 20th July the negotiation training class will be held within the social community How to Do IT (H2D).

New Speech to Text App Being Developed by ISS Art

ISS Art is working on development of a new mobile application that converts speech to text.

ISS Art Developing Video Analysis App

ISS Art is working on a new application for analysis of videos taken from CCTV cameras. The application is being developed on the basis of convolutional neural networks.

ISS Art Has Completed Development of App for Relaxation

ISS Art has successfully completed the development of an application for relaxation.

ISS Art Celebrated The International Children’s Day

The International Children’s Day is celebrated annually on June 1. Every year ISS Art arranges a celebration for the employees’ children.

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