Do not try to leave Omsk!

A new film by ISS Art Media devoted to the problem of many people leaving Omsk today will soon be presented to the audience.

mong other social problems Omsk is facing today - one is especially acute - young people, talanted professionals, promising citizens are leaving Omsk. The reason is the same for most of them - they go away in search of a better life. ISS Art Media team are trying to draw attention to the issue, and if possible find solutions.

The studio crew started creating the film “Do not try to leave Omsk” at the beginning of this year. The is almost complete and will soon be presented to audience. The project developed in several stages. First journalists gathered documentary documentary materials, those were mainly interviews with well-known Omsk citizens, professionals of their field of work: business, mass media, recruitment, others.

As the project went on, an idea arose to include an artistic part into it, a story devoted to two young people arguing whether to stay or to leave Omsk. The roles were performed by two talented actors of a youth theatre.

The part of the film with statistical data was accompanied with a sound track performed by an Omsk local radio hostess.

The whole film with all its details will be undoubtedly interesting for every Omsk resident regardless of his personal answer to the question whether to leave Omsk or not.