5 employees of ISS Art company have taken part in HighLoad++ annual conference.

n 27-29 October in Moscow there took place one of the most significant events in high load projects field, that is HighLoad++ 2013, a professional conference for developers. This year 5 representatives of our company had a chance to take part in it.
HighLoad++ is an annual event that has happened the seventh time this year. Each year the conference covers deeper and deeper issues, so the organisers allow the first day to be an introductory one to cover general issues of high load systems.

The speakers presented the whole process of architecture design from the beginning to the end: from the description to the realization. How can one define that the system is high-load? How to detect critically important points on the project and pay particular attention to them? What to use and what not to use? Different systems require different solutions, there is no single approach. So new knowledge and current experience was summarised during the lecture.

The basic days of the conference were devoted to Architecture/Adjacent areas, Databases, Search, System administration, Testing, Video. Most reports were presented by the developers of the systems themselves, who know the system entrails.