A business trip to the USA

During their business trip to the USA our employees attended some working seminars, re:Invent conference in Las Vegas.

ur developers made a business trip to the USA in November. The trip was aimed at attending working seminars organized by APD company in our common customer's office, who is the owner of ISS Art's largest project, beside our employees took part in AWS re:Invent conference in Las Vegas.

Alpharetta where our customer's office is located is a typical little American town with nearly no high buildings, there are mainly 2-3 stored cottages, lots of leisure areas for family rest.    

Within one week our employees took part in working seminars together with APD company representatives, customer's company management, representatives of the Indian development team and co-developers on our common project. At the weekend the customers organized a mini-golf game.

Las Vegas is widely known as the play capital of the world, but is on the other hand a place for lots of international conferences to be held. One of those was re:Invent conference organised by Amazon company was intended for developers and other technical specialists using cloud service AWS. It was a very useful event for our employees to attend.

Apart from work our employees had an exciting sightseeing tour, saw Circus du Soleil performance, had an excursion to the Grand Canyon and other places of interest. In Los Angeles they visited Hollywood, Santa Monica, the Pacific Coast.