Analytics and testing training

Analytics + Testing training has been successfully completed, the trainees have become part of our company.

ur company has many years' experience in training to work on IT-projects, such courses have been regularly held since 2006 and 16 young graduates have already become valuable part of our close-knit staff.
Just recently a group of trainees completed the course Analytics+Testing. This direction is completely new with us: these aspects were chosen on purpose, which enabled the trainees to understand the importance, the place and interaction of the aspects in the workflow.
The training programme was aimed at passing on the experience accumulated by the company's employees, it was also focused on teaching the trainees to apply the knowledge gained in their work, the trainees were shown how to avoid pitfalls in this specific work of a tester and analyst.
For two months the trainees were attending the classes to receive the priceless experience and skills in the aspects mentioned. The results exceeded expectations of both organizers and participants.