Challenge accepted. Interview for Business journal

In his interview for Business Journal Ivan Orekhov explained why he decided to take part in the competition and covered questions of work in IT industry in the Russian and Western markets.

van Orekhov was congratulated and interviewed by Business Journal after his getting a reward Best CEO of the year 2013 in Omsk.
Ivan believes that business is in many ways similar to sport: to achieve success a businessman has to set a higher bar every day and try and clear it.
With the excitement of a former professional sportsman Ivan entered the competition.
He accepted this challenge because he was encouraged by the presence of outstanding rivals, qualified expert judges, quite objective assessment criteria.
When asked about the sharp rise (33%) in company's export Ivan Orekhov explained that it did not take place thanks to proactive selling but rather the established reputation and a large share of export in the company's overall turnover.
As to the difference between working in the Russian and Western markets Ivan explained that western companies are more trustworthy in the collaboration process. And in this connection ISS Art is lucky to be able to choose customer-companies and what's more has a unique opportunity of direct collaboration with most foreign customers who normally prefer to work through intermediaries.
In Ivan's opinion, to increase the share of software product export it is important to allocate resources well, and to be able to distinguish which project is right for the company, which will not work out. ISS Art programmers, including junior ones, like challenging projects.
Ivan Orekhov's example proves that the software development market is not difficult to enter, when he started working in IT, he was one of the first web developers in oDesk market place. Today ISS Art still gets a good share of its projects from oDesk.
Unlike common opinion, the growth of IT sphere in the home market is in fact comparable to defense industry, as it is represented by large and middle-size companies, as well as numerous freelancers, there is enough work for everyone. The only issue is to do business honestly and observe ethical laws. The biblical principle “A man reaps what he sows” has always worked in Ivan's life and career.
The interview touched on a problem of migration from Omsk, which in Ivan Orekhov's opinion is acute not only for IT sphere but for other industries as well. Most people who leave Omsk accuse their circumstances instead of trying to improve something around them, and usually they finally go abroad where they destine to remain second best. In this connection Ivan Orekhov mentioned the film produced by ISS Art Media devoted to this problem, the first run of the film was due to take place in December, so he invited everyone to come and see.