Summer qr-quest "Childhood of the 80s"

We've organized a summer qr-quest for our employees.

his weekend we've organized a summer qr-quest for our employees with the theme "Childhood of the 80s".

Since the summer is not over yet, we want to share our experience with those who are planning a similar event, and anyone interested.

The choice of topic and event entourage were influenced by the three factors:

1. Our staff is young and active, and is interested in gadgets, therefore, we've decided to hold not just a quest, but the qr quest (gps-coordinates of the stations have been encrypted in qr-codes)

2. Summer is the beginning of melons and watermelons season, and it's very easy to vary the menu of kebabs with fruit, found with the team effort;

3. "Childhood of the 80s" has been chosen because there was a great variety of different games then.

Based on the theme of the quest the following stations were created: "Rope", "Rubber", "Little secrets", "Anagrams", "Potato", "Photoclub." The tasks at the stations, in general, were simple: the whole team had to jump on the big rope certain number of times (as it turned out, it wasn't that easy to do that), to recall the rules of "Rubber" game and to perform multiple items by the whole team, to find "Little secret" with candies at the given coordinates, to unriddle the words in which the letters are reversed, to play the yard analogue of volleyball - "Potatoe", to decode the task using the magazine and take photos on a given topic.

We've selected the territory - it was "Shishki (Strobilus)" recreation center, and we've taken the coordinates of the stations. GPS-coordinates give inaccuracy, so we had an opportunity to hide the packages with the company logo within a radius of 5 meters from a given point. The packages contained the props needed to complete the tasks: ropes, rubbers, an old photo magazine, a ball, or a task encrypted in qr-code.

At the very beginning each team received stickers with the image of the fruit which they had to find, the stickers were sticked to the body parts (based on the participants' fantasy). Then the team captains got their first tasks (made in the form of a puzzle: on one side there was a piece of the picture, on the other side - the coordinates of the station). The team had to find the station and the package, performed tasks and got a new piece of the puzzle. The last - the central piece - pointed to the place where the fruit was hidden.

We should also talk about the station "Photoclub": for this station we've found the magazine "Soviet photo" №6 from 1987, on the pages of this magazine we've encrypted the task, the essence of which was to choose from a magazine a few shots and to make similar ones yourself. The two teams have chosen the similar shots - check out the results: