Developers of ISS Art Implementing Geocoding and Reverse Geocoding

On a project of online shopping development the specialists of ISS Art are implementing the method of geocoding and reverse geocoding by means of PostGIS and OpenStreetMap.
T he specialists of ISS Art has challenged to geocoding and reverse geocoding. It is a process of transforming a postal address description to geographic coordinates and vice versa. Developers of Russian e-conmmerce sites face this challenge.

Yandex.Maps provides users with a geocoding service. This service is free and allows users to get geographical coordinates and other information about an object using its address, as well as the opposite, using the coordinates of an object to determine its address (reverse geocoding). The daily limit is 25 000 queries (requests) per day. However, the number of queries is often much more.

The developers of ISS Art have solved this problem. They have imported maps in OpenStreetMap and created the geocoding mechanism that users can send more than 25 000 queries (requests) per day.