A training for project managers in Kazakhstan

Our company's representatives held a training for project managers of National Information Technologies, Astana city.

ur company’s representatives taught a training for project managers of National Information Technologies company, Astana.
This company is a largest software developer in Kazakhstan not only performing commercial development, but it is also a largest supplier for the government sector.

The main points of the training were: 

  • Starting work as a Project manager at Software Development industrial projects

-    Analysis of the project and its plans
-    Organization structures: functional, matrix-like (weak and strong), project.
-    Roles at the project: analytics, management, manufacture, testing, maintenance. Effective roles distribution.
-    Project survival test;
-    Project planning: requirements, contents, quality, risks management.

  • Work with the team

- Staff recruitment: resumes sorting, telephone interviews, personal interviews, home assignments. Interview mistakes.
- Motivation: Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, Herzberg Theory;

  • Self-management

- What is expected of us by the customer, team, management?
- Delegation and information flows organization;
- Networking;
- Time-management.       

The training was taught in Ministries House of Kazakhstan and caused a lively discussion.