Interview for The Chief magazine

Our CEO was interviewed by the Chief magazine.

t is honesty that makes the way to success as our CEO, Ivan Orekhov, believes. 

He was interviewed by the Chief magazine shortly before our Company’s fifth birthday which is celebrated on 24 March.

Below is a brief coverage of the interview:

When Ivan Orekhov first saw a computer at the age of twelve, he immediately decided he would become a programmer. The very next year he was already a student of the engineering department. He was a repeated winner of programming and mathematics contests and championships, he received a municipal scholarship as a student of the year. He entered Omsk State Technical University as a second-year student. At university he was a repeated scholar and graduated from university having a diploma with honour. After graduation he worked as an assistant professor. Soon several foreign customers got interested in the talented programmer. Several months later Ivan Orekhov had experience working with different companies from the USA, Great Britain, Canada, and Italy. 2 years later ISS Art, LLC started its work as a company.     

Much attention is paid to the inner corporate culture building in the Company. Here it is original, unlike cultures of other companies, more democratic. Leaders are much demanded from. They often have to make cardinal and important decisions. They are a special type of leaders. A leader in our company should be active, honest, stress-resistant, morally-sound, communicative, ambitious.    

Facts and Figures
2005 – registration of ISS Art, LLC
2007 – quality control systems integration
2009 – business cooperation increase in Russia and CIS
Foreign customers – 98%        
Repeat customers – 70%
Total number of projects performed – around 400
Total headcount – around 70 employees

Our Mission
Contributing to our partners’ business development by means of IT services providing based on long-term trusted relations building
and latest tendencies of programming technologies development.

Ivan Orekhov is sure that doing business involves taking part in social life and social problems solving. Since 2005 he has been an official representative of TBN channel in Omsk, in 2007 he started “Alpha and Omega”, a non-commercial studio. Here programmes devoted to social issues are produced: about culture, history, the origin of the earth, life on earth and mankind. Many films are made about issues of drug-addiction, crime, abortions, prostitution, occultism, and the homeless. Ivan sees the cause of all problems of life in the lack of love. The way to solve social problems, he believes, is in taking care of the people in need, the poor, the abandoned children and others.