Feel the Force of Change

In April-May 2010 in Omsk there was a major social campaign Feel the Force of Change, where our CEO, Ivan Orekhov, took part.

n April-May in Omsk there was a major campaign Feel the Force of Change, where different non-commercial organizations took part. The aim of the event was to make the city better, attract attention to social problems of the city and show that the solution to all the problems is in repentance and accepting Jesus Christ as one’s own savior. The organizers of the campaign, an autonomous non-commercial organization “Feel the Force of Change” had been preparing for a year for this event. Our company’s CEO became one of the heroes of the campaign as an honest businessman that stands socially active.
He believes that it is a meeting with God that changed his life and gave him the strength to overcome any difficulties without compromises with his conscience. Ivan states: “If everyone treated their honour the same way as they treat their life, the whole world would be much better … ” And in fact, the problem of our society is not in the financial or juridical imperfectness, but in people’s greediness, lying, calumny, and other social diseases.