Code-fest, a conference for IT-professionals

Ivan Orekhov was invited to participate as an expert in Code-Fest, a meeting of IT-professionals. The event took place on 23 July, in a resort hotel of Novosibirsk region.

he event took place on 23 July in a resort hotel of Novosibirsk region. Our CEO took an immediate part in the narrow thematic section of the programme, Projects, Products and Companies Management.
This group of participants was offered to discuss vital issues of managing projects, products, human resources and companies.   
Organizers tried to cover all the levels that interest direct performers (testers and developers), managers, and senior executives.
Ivan Orekhov’s personal feedback:
I was surprises with the overall warm and friendly atmosphere of the event, interesting topics of the reports and lively discussions.
And, of course, the informal part of the evening – the barbeque party and vivid personal talks in groups impressed me most.