DigMyData first release

DigMyData project is going to be released for the first time. We congratulate BigBrassBand company and our company’s team participating in the development on this event.

e congratulate BigBrassBand company and DigMyData project team! It is one of our largest projects and it is going to be released for the first time! We are happy to work on this product and we look forward to its success!
DigMyData is a powerful and useful web-application, intended for people involved in on-line sales software products support. DigMyData displays the history of key measures change for your business in a convenient form for analysis: as graphs.
DigMyData collects data from very different web-services, such as Google Analytics, Google AdWords, PayPal, GMail, Twitter, MailChimp and others.
The application is user friendly: user interface is quick and convenient, pop-up help allows the user to easily understand all the opportunities of the application.
The application is based on latest web-technologies and standards: HTML 5, allowing the application to work on all modern platforms including iOS; oAuth allowing connecting to third party services without a user password, solely with permission; Ajax allowing viewing data without reloading the page and saving from long latency time at each action.
The support team is always ready to answer your questions and realize your advice and suggestions as early as possible.        
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