International business-forum

On 7-9 November III International forum of business unions of the Asian part of Russia. Business. Authority. Civil Society. Ways of interaction and dialogue. Ivan Orekhov, our company’s CEO, presented “Studio producing socially oriented films” project.

n 7-9 in Omsk III Interregional forum for entrepreneur unions of Asian part of Russia took place. Organizer of the event was Omsk Regional Union of Entrepreneurs, Regional social organization supported by several regional production enterprises. The event was widely covered by Omsk media. At the forum the problem of business and governmental authorities interaction was put point-blank. Problems of business connected with new tax rates, cadastral value of the ground, forthcoming changes in taxation systems were also discussed.     

More than 200 people took part in the Forum. Among them there were 12 social organizations, business unions from Omsk, Novosibirsk, and other Siberian cities, representatives of 20 commercial organizations, self-regulation territorial organs, political parties, leaders and employees of Omsk city Government.   

The main event of the forum was signing the Agreement of Interregional Coordination Council of business unions creation.  Within a socially responsible part of the forum Ivan Orekhov presented a movie short encouraging the society to take care of blind people, not to be blind to the problem.

In his speech Ivan covered such problem of modern society, as total social indifference towards people in need. The practical part of the speech was devoted among other things to fundraising for wheelchair people. Unfortunately, charity works are becoming still less popular these days in Russia. Social services are held responsible for those in need, but in fact they solve a very limited number of issues and do that very slowly.  

Concluding his speech Ivan encouraged the audience to help the neighbours, disabled, poor and remember the initial value of man and the social responsibility.