US customers' visit

Our long-term customers from the USA Bill Quintrell and Adam Wride visited our company last week. It was great to meet in person after so many years of remote collaboration. Alongside with business meetings visitor and ISS Art people spent some very good time together. The week was full of various events and impressions.

s Russian people say “It is better to see once than to hear a hundred times”, so we finally got the chance to see our long-term customers in person after several years of remote collaboration.

Bill Quintrell and Adam Wride from the USA came to visit our company. Regardless of truly Siberian frosty weather it was a week full of warm and friendly communication, hot discussions and various events. Our overseas visitors had a chance to attend a concert of Russian folk choir, see the sights and historical places of our city and try Russian national food. The week was not less busy from the business point of view: our partners spent lots of time with their project team instructing and training them, explaining them new strategies and perspectives of the project. The perfect understanding was reached and broke any kind of language or cultural barriers.

The unforgettable visit was completed with a farewell party in the office premises where all the participants could share their impressions. The guests were presented with traditional Russian balalaikas originally hand-painted in the national style.