Trade Forum of Siberia

Omsk Trade Forum took place on 20-21 March. Ivan Orekhov presented ITRUST, an own product of ISS Art company.

msk Trade Forum took place on 20-21 March.

The participants of the Forum drafted proposals to develop trade and consumer market. The discussion took place in several places simultineously.
Ivan Orekhov took place in the section “Issues of corporate management development in distribution services”.  
He spoke about opportunities of ITRUST project. The project is aimed at creation of favourable development environment and interaction of entities in various spheres incliding trade. The realization of this project will allow solving the problem of mutual mistrust of market entities and bring their interaction to a totally new level.
Ivan Orekhov’s speech was published in the collection devoted to II Trade Forum of Siberia.
On the second day Trade Forum representatives of the City’s Mayor Office, the Governor of Omks Region, Victor Nazarov, public servants of regional ministries and the authorized representative of the President in Omsk region who arrived to welcome organizers and participants of the event could attend  master-classes.
The work of the Forum was completed with a plenary session where a resolution of the II Trade Forum and a number of strategic documents were carried out.
Initiatives touched issues of competition development, manufacturers’ partnership and trade enterprises, measures of consumers’ rights protection.