English language birthday

The Birthday of the English language was celebrated in our company on 23 April the date of birth of William Shakespeare.

he Birthday of the English language has been celebrated in our company. It was decided to consider 23 April the day of the English language, which is first of all the date of birth of William Shakespeare, a great English writer and playwright.
The English language is an international language of business and for our company it is the main language of customer communication. That is why this event was both important and festive for us at the same time.
The English language became the language of communication between employees that day. Atmosphere of England in the company was created with the help of images of London on the walls, English proverbs, traditional English 5 o’clock with a Union Jack cake.
The high point of the day was an English guest’s visit right from London. In the course of the talk, the myths were dispelled, both about England and, in many ways, Russia. It is very helpful to look at oneself from the outside.
Employees who took part in the informative competition “It’s Great Britain!” were awarded prizes: audio-books by English authors.