Road show

A road-show of competent experts and mentors of investments and innovations market took place in Omsk regional incubator.

n 21 March in Omsk regional business incubator there took place a road-show of competent experts and mentors of investments and innovations market within Russian StartUp Tour programme.
It was the first event of such kind organised in Omsk. Another novelty was the live webcast maintained by ISS Art Media.
The event was opened by presidential advisor at Skolkovo foundation Pekka Viljakainen with a speech “It is difficult to be an entrepreneur, but not dangerous”.
Pekka Viljakainen has his own exemplary entrepreneur experience. He started his own business at the age of 13 to realise his own business potential and rejected the opportunity to take part in his family business.
As Mr. Viljakainen stated “Russia is a promising country, which is not because of oil or gas, but because of talented young people. It is them who will represent the country’s new identity.
Numerous representatives of major companies and public organizations came to take part in the event.
The programme was full of events, it included separate thematic blocks, such as “promotion”, “education”, “financing” aimed at sharing practical experience with young start-ups, allow them to know which mechanisms were intended by the government and other profile organisations to support innovative free enterprise.
Apart from the good opportunity for inofficial communication with competent experts of Russian development institutions, the guests were enabled to present their own projects. Ivan Orekhov presented the virtual science park ITRUST which is aimed at good environment creation and market entities interaction.
Execution of the project will enable solving the problem of mutual distrust of market entities and will redefine economic interaction, it will also increase effectiveness of enterprises.