RUSSOFT Board session

A regular board session of NP RUSSOFT took place in Moscow, where Ivan Orekhov took part.

van Orekhov, the CEO of ISS Art, LLC took part in the board session of non-commercial partnership RUSSOFT, which took place in Moscow office.
During the session the president of NP RUSSOFT Valentin Makarov drew attention of the board members to the following issues:

  1. Two smaller companies have become new members of RUSSOFT: Open Solutions and Whitescape.
  2. The board addressed to the members of NP RUSSOFT proposing supporting the 10th anniversary research session of software exporting industry in Russia.
  3. Colleagues from Russian Venture Company confirmed that NP RUSSOFT has been allowed to form two stands for the Russian Innovation Week in Boston 17 September and St. Clair 18 September.
  4. The meeting with the director of innovative development department of the Ministry for Economic Development of the RF was very informative and covered the plan of events (the road card) “Development of biotechnological and genetic engineering” approved by the RF government. The events of the road card should be aimed at realization of the Russian Federation policy in biotechnological sector of economics.