Free PHP-programming course

A free PHP-programming course was held at ISS Art company, the graduates of which were given their certificates at the end.

ince 2006 at ISS Art there has been an internship programme for beginner programmers, those willing to gain some experience of commercial programming and start a career with a big company.
This year a new direction of education was launched aimed at external participants with no further employment. One of such series of courses finished some time ago. The free course was held by Pavel Kamenev, a highly-qualified senior programmer with eight-year work experience in PHP-programming and three-year experience in training beginner programmers. During the course 12 participants actively studied basics of PHP-language, mark-up language, basics of HTML, server settings and other aspects. Theoretical preparation was accompanied with practical tasks. Perfect results of knowledge received were shown by: Dmitry Atink who developed his own blog and Renata Singatulina who created an electronic advertisement system.
The knowledge gained became a good base for the participants for further work and PHP-skills development.